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A Holistic Health Coach’s Guide to Routine

As summer movement transitions to the slow-down of fall, sometimes it feels like we need a magic boost to get back on track. We sat down with one of our brand...

As summer movement transitions to the slow-down of fall, sometimes it feels like we need a magic boost to get back on track. 

We sat down with one of our brand ambassadors, Lindsey, to learn about her insights and practical tips for getting back into routine after a busy summer. 

As a mom to an almost 3 year old little boy, RN, holistic health practitioner, coach, and owner of The Holistic Mama, LLC, she’s no newbie to a jam-packed lifestyle. 

She’s overcome gut and hormonal issues, as well as a diagnosis of IBS, anxiety, fibroids, and chronic pain, without relying on pharmaceuticals, and now helps other women achieve similar healing. Through years of self-exploration and education, she has discovered true health and wellness, aiming to inspire women to believe in the possibility of healing and long-lasting holistic well-being.

How do you manage to find balance and maintain your well-being while juggling the demands of family life and other responsibilities?

Finding balance and what that looks like is so nuanced. Just like health. For me personally, it consists of asking for help when I need it rather than waiting until I'm literally sinking. I am grateful to have an amazing support system who not only helps me with my toddler son—but helps me with daily life events too!

Did you discover any new health/wellness practices or rituals during the summer that you plan to incorporate into your routine going forward?

I don't know if you can call this a practice or ritual per se— but for me, this summer was all about getting out of my head and back into my body. Quieting my mind and just reconnecting with myself. Part of this was putting my phone on DND a bit more- and no longer wearing my Apple Watch. I know so many people probably couldn't fathom the disconnection— but truthfully it has been the best thing ever!

How do you prioritize self-care and ensure it remains a central focus even during hectic times?

Prioritizing self care has not always been something that's been easy for me. These days though, I am able to do so because I know how much of a better person I'm able to be when I do take of me. I keep it simple though. Simplification is what has allowed me to remain consistent. You do not need a 10 step skin-care routine EVER.

What are your favorite patches and why? 

My favorite patches are the Think, Relax, and Active Patches.  They get me through whatever each day may throw at me.

What are 5 things you never leave the house without?

This is easy. 1. My emotional support water bottle 2. A snack of some kind (usually a protein bar and fruit) 3. My laptop 4. think or b12 patch 5. My phone. Okay that’s technically 6 but they are musts!

What are 3 wellness trends you’re loving right now? 

Adaptogens— ashwagandha and pretty much all of the functional mushrooms! High protein breakfasts, and mocktails!

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