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Bounce Back After a Night Out: What Is DHM?

Don’t let fear of the morning after stop you from enjoying your night! Read on for life hacks for rebounding after a big night out.

For many of us, the good old days of going out for a big night and feeling our best the next morning are well behind us. It’s a blast to be able to party whenever you want, dancing the night away until the early hours of the morning, but sadly that time can’t last forever.

In those days, you might have even been able to take on a marathon of birthday parties, concerts, and weddings with little to complain about come Sunday. Though you might have been a little groggy and slept in a few hours longer than normal, you could still enjoy brunch and get ready to do it all again the next week.

Now, we often feel the effects of even the tamest of Friday nights come Monday morning. Going out on the town transforms from a fun treat to a highly anticipated test of endurance. 

Gone are the days of getting an invite over text and being out the door in two hours or less. Instead, deciding to go out with a few friends requires planning and serious consideration as to whether your schedule can afford two to three business days of recovery time.

Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with a little preparation. We’re here to discuss how you can care for yourself before and after going out to feel your best!

From DHM to dance class, we’ve got your back. Keep reading to see our list of habits you can embrace to make the most of each weekend.

What Is DHM?

Never heard of DHM? Join the club. Dihydromyricetin, also known as ampelopsin, shortened to DHM, is an herbal extract from the Japanese raisin tree with a long list of uses. We are only recently hearing of this miracle fix that took the wellness world by storm in the last few years.

The herbal supplement is widely promoted as a fix for those struggling to bounce back from a night out.

If you’re getting tired of a night on the town setting you back so far, check out our detailed list of self-care and wellness tasks that are sure to get you right.

A List To Live By

Get Lots of Rest

One of the best parts of a Saturday is that it is followed by a lazy Sunday. Take advantage of the second half of the weekend and allow yourself a little extra sleep the next day. Sleep works wonders for your mind and body, so getting enough of it will inch you closer to recovery.

Sleep Responsibly

While you make sure to get plenty of sleep, it’s still important to do so smartly. Though lack of sleep is a problem, there are also downsides to overdoing it. 

Do your best to avoid sleeping into the early afternoon (or later). Waking up late in the day can negatively impact your sleep the following night and create a cycle of bad-quality rest. 

As tempting as it may be, oversleeping may come back to bite you. Enjoy your night out, but try to hit the hay early enough to be up the next morning with the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep

Self-Care on the Regular

A night of dancing, or any other activity, especially if you’ve had a bit of a hiatus, can take its toll. Relaxing your body and brain with self-care may be just what you need after a big night.

Here is a bit of self-care inspiration:

  • Take a bath: Soothe those achy muscles with a hot bath. Bonus points if you throw in essential oils for some comforting aromatherapy.
  • Yoga: Keep it light if you’re still in recovery mode.
  • Stretching: Once warm, loosen up with some gentle morning stretches.
  • Meditation: After caring for your body, show your brain some love.
  • Under-Eye Patches: Do your eyes look puffy after a night out? Try our under-eye patches to banish those shadowy bags fast.

Hopefully, you already have a unique self-care routine, so consider these tips a jumping-off point. They’re great for the morning after a party but also wonderful habits to practice at any time.


We can’t stress this one enough — water is key! The main reason you may not feel your best after a long night is dehydration which can cause headaches and cramping and make you feel all around bad. 

Prepare yourself by having plenty to drink before heading out and following up with even more the next morning.

Eat Some Food

Don't forget to feed yourself somewhere amidst all the water you’re drinking. We all know eating might not be the most fun part of the recovery process, but it’s necessary for getting your blood sugar back to where it should be.

Enjoy the Outdoors

It can be quite appealing to lounge all day in the darkness of your bedroom. However, fresh air is important to revitalize you if you feel low on energy. Getting out into the sun or opening the shades is also important for resetting your body’s internal clock

Drag yourself out of the house even for a 15-minute stroll — who knows; maybe you’ll learn to love it!

In Conclusion

Between DHM and our other helpful pointers, you’re all set to have a spectacular comeback following a big night. Take care of yourself to make the most of your night and feel your best the next morning.


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