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Galentine's Day Ideas for You & Your Besties

Move over, Cupid — this year, it's all about the besties!  Galentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate friendship and show your appreciation for that special BFF in your...

Move over, Cupid — this year, it's all about the besties! 

Galentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate friendship and show your appreciation for that special BFF in your life. Look no further if you're looking for fun, creative ways to thank your bestie this year. 

Here are some sweet Galentine's Day ideas to make this February extra special. 

What Is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day is an exciting time for friends to show appreciation for the special people in their life. It has become increasingly popular worldwide, and it's easy to see why! After all, it's a full day dedicated to showering your besties with love; no, there is nothing better.

The unofficial holiday takes place every year on February 13th, which also happens to be the day before Valentine's Day. 

The concept behind Galentine's Day is simple: take some time out of your day to do something nice for someone special in your life. Whether it be a friend, family member, loved one, or significant other — whoever it may be — make sure they know how much they mean to you. 

Where Did Galentine's Day Come From?

Galentine's Day is about celebrating the special bond between friends, but have you ever wondered how Valentine’s day itself started?

Well, as the legend goes, there was once a Roman priest named St. Valentine who ran afoul of Emperor Claudius II's rule that outlawed marriage. So in secret, St. Valentine performed weddings, and couples would honor him by exchanging cards on his feast day of Feb 14th.

This tradition eventually made its way to France, where it became known as 'gallantry.' The French coined this term to describe the courteous behavior expected of a gentleman towards a woman (or vice versa!). 

This expression of politeness and goodwill became even more popular during the 18th century when ladies would send their admirers hand-written notes and small gifts to show their affection.

Over time, this tradition spread worldwide and evolved into the well-known celebration of Valentine's Day

A popular television show aired an episode in 2010 featuring a group of friends having their own celebration as single women called Galentine’s Day. The concept has since expanded but still holds a special place in the hearts of single people (and friend-loving people) everywhere.

14 Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your Besties

Now that you're in the loop with all things Galentine's Day, let's explore how to celebrate the unofficial holiday! Here are 14 awesome ideas for you and your besties to consider:

1. Get Together for Breakfast

Start your Galentine's Day off on the right foot by gathering your besties for breakfast or brunch! Whether grabbing coffee and pastries or sitting down for an elaborately-crafted meal, there isn't much better than starting the day with your best friends. 

2. Organize a Girls' Night Out

What better way to celebrate Galentine's Day than dancing and singing the night away? Find yourself a great spot with awesome music and atmosphere — then get ready for one epic night out! Even better, go all out by getting dressed up in fancy outfits and show everyone that you mean business. 

3. Host a DIY Spa Party

After all of that partying, why not relax at home with some pampering? Put together an amazing DIY spa party with massages, facials, mani and pedis, wellness patches — whatever floats your boat! 

Gather ingredients from around the house (like sugar scrubs, essential oils, and face masks) and whip up some fabulous homemade spa treatments to share with your gal pals.

4. Take a Cooking Class Together

Spice up your Galentine's Day with some delicious dishes! Grab your bestie, head to the nearest culinary haven, and learn how to make something new together. 

Whether it's a delectable dessert or a savory main course, having fun in the kitchen will bring you closer than ever. Plus, you can enjoy your masterpiece at the end of it all!

5. Have a Movie Marathon

Don't feel like going out? No problem — you can still have plenty of laughs lounging around watching movies at home! 

Break out bags of popcorn and boxes of chocolates while snuggling under blankets in front of a movie. Slap on a Relax Patch, pop in some classic romantic comedies, and let the good vibes roll. 

6. Organize a Group Activity

Round up everyone for an adventure outdoors or at the local amusement park! Whether you're on a quest for thrills or just want to relax in nature, there are plenty of activities you can do as a group without breaking the bank. 

Go on hikes, explore the city, or have mini-Olympic games — no matter what you decide, you're guaranteed a great time with your besties.

7. Treat Yourselves to Desserts Galore

We think dessert is always a great idea (especially when combined with a glass of bubbly), so why not make this Galentine's Day extra special by treating yourselves to something sweet? 

Whip up cakes or cupcakes together as a group activity or order takeout from your favorite bakery; it won't be long before everyone is happily munching away on delicious treats while discussing the latest gossip.

8. Put Together a Galentine's Karaoke Night

Get the party started and show off your singing skills with a karaoke night! Pick out some of your favorite love songs (or not-so-romantic, if that's more your style) and have an amazing time serenading each other. 

Don't forget to take lots of silly photos — trust us, you'll cherish them later. 

9. Host a Game Night

If you're looking for something truly unique to do this Galentine's Day, why not have a game night? Gather up all your favorite board games (or even make some of your own), and get ready for hours of fun! 

You can also play video games from the comfort of your couch or challenge each other to card and dice games — just be sure to keep the competition friendly so that no feelings get hurt in the end.

10. Plan a Gift Exchange Party

This is always fun, no matter how small your group size is. Invite everyone to bring something special to give away. 

Think of it as the White Elephant Exchange but Galentine's Day edition. You can make it theme-related (like spa or cooking items only) or leave it open-ended, so everyone has more options when choosing gifts; either way, it's sure to be lots of fun! 

11. Go on a Shopping Spree

Spend the day scouring stores for great deals on clothing or beauty products. Then take a break from bargain hunting with lunch or coffee at a nearby cafe. 

You can also take turns styling each other using clothes from your newly found treasures — think of it as an informal fashion show! 

12. Throw an At-Home Photo Shoot

Break out the cameras and put on fun outfits before snapping candid shots of you and all your best friends — or hire a professional photographer if you want super-quality pictures! 

Afterward, organize them into photo books or frame them so everyone can remember this awesome day for years to come. 

13. Go on a Road Trip

Pack some snacks and drinks into bags and hit the road toward unexplored lands (or even familiar ones!). Spend time visiting attractions together or just drive around taking in breathtaking views along the way; either way, you can guarantee lots of laughter accompanied by tons of memories made during this little adventure away from home!

14. Cozy Up at Home

Last but certainly not least, if staying in is more up your alley, try having an indoor picnic with lots of snacks that both you and your besties can enjoy. Get creative by trying new recipes together, like heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes topped with red frosting! 

Share stories about memorable moments throughout the night while sipping hot cocoa around a cozy fire.

The Final Word

No matter how you celebrate Galentine's Day this year, just remember that having a solid group of friends to rely on is always worth cherishing! So put on your best dress, grab those heels and prepare for an unforgettable time — after all, celebrating with your best friends is truly priceless. 


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