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Set Your Own Mood With a Romantic Bath

A romantic bath is a great way to set the mood for an intimate evening. Whether you're celebrating with your partner or just want to wind down after a long...

A romantic bath is a great way to set the mood for an intimate evening. Whether you're celebrating with your partner or just want to wind down after a long day, filling the bathroom with candles, essential oils, and soft music can create a soothing atmosphere that will help you relax and get in the mood.

Need some inspo to help set the scene? The Good Patch has you covered! 

Here are some romantic tips to help make your bath experience extra sweet.

Create Comfort 

It's important to make your bathroom comfortable enough for two people to relax; after all, comfort is key! Before starting your bath, add some extra pillows and fluffy towels to cuddle up together in total comfort. 

You could also add a footrest or small table next to the tub so that you have somewhere to place drinks or snacks while soaking in the water. 

Make Massage Bars

Create DIY massage bars for you and your partner to use during the bath — nothing beats getting massaged while floating in hot water! Melt shea butter, coconut oil, and different types of wax together with some drops of essential oil like ylang-ylang or jasmine, pour them into molds, and let them cool down overnight. 

This way, you can keep reusing them whenever you want a romantic bath experience. 

Lighting Is Everything 

Good lighting sets the perfect atmosphere. Think of flickering candles or soft lighting that gives off a relaxing vibe. We recommend using scented candles and essential oils like lavender or rosemary to create an inviting scent. 

You can also use fairy lights, string lights, or battery-operated tea-light candles around the bathroom as an added touch of romance. 

Music Makes It Special 

Music is key when setting any kind of mood — romantic or otherwise! Create a playlist ahead of time with your favorite songs to help you relax together

Music can turn any ordinary space into something special and intimate. Having some background music makes it feel much cozier than having silence play in the background.

Set Up Some Drinks

Nothing sets the mood quite like sipping on something delicious while soaking in your romantic bathtub. Try setting up mugs of herbal tea or glasses of champagne to enjoy during your soak, depending on what fits better with your desired ambiance. 

You can also opt for something refreshing such as flavored sparkling water, which is always fun! 

Soothing Scents Are Essential 

We already mentioned this above, but scented candles are essential for setting a romantic mood in the bathroom. The smell of aromatherapy oils can help to relax both your mind and body while filling the room with gentle fragrances like lavender, rose, and jasmine that bring out feelings of relaxation. 

You could also use incense sticks or diffuser blends if you don't want to light up too many candles. Bubble baths are always nice too! 

They create soothing bubbles that will make you relax without overpowering scents. Plus, who doesn't love bubbles?

Accessorize Your Bath

To make things even more interesting, why not bring some toys or floating accessories into your romantic bath? Floating candles, rose petals, and oils all add little touches of playfulness while still maintaining an intimate atmosphere — perfect for those special moments shared between two people who deeply love one another! 

Keep It Natural

Put some natural sea salt or Epsom salt into your bathwater for an extra dose of luxury. The salts will help purify and detoxify your skin naturally while providing restful aromatherapy benefits that will help you relax even further. 

Refreshments Are Key

No romantic night in would be complete without refreshments and snacks! Have a bottle of bubbly ready when it's time to get into the tub — champagne glasses optional — and bring along some tasty treats such as chocolates, berries, or whatever else tickles your fancy. 

The point is to enjoy each other's company while indulging in all kinds of tiny luxuries!

Consider Entertainment

Have some romantic entertainment ready that you can enjoy together during your bath, such as watching a movie on your laptop, playing cards, reading poetry, or listening to love songs. This adds an extra layer of fun and intimacy as you sit together in the water! 

Treat Yourself Afterwards

When it's time to get out of the tub, continue spoiling yourselves by using luxurious body lotions or creams on each other's skin — this isn't only oh-so-nice but also ensures that everyone's skin stays deliciously soft and moisturized. 

You can even give each other a soothing massage with warm body oil. After all, what could be more romantic than caressing one another's skin? 

Once you and your special someone are dry, indulge in a wellness patch like Be Calm, Hemp Queen, or Relax. Slip into your favorite pajamas, get cozy on the couch, and enjoy an evening of snuggles and relaxation.

The Final Word

Creating a romantic atmosphere in the bath doesn't have to be difficult. By following these few simple tips, you'll be able to set up your own relaxing haven in no time at all. 

Lighting, music, and scents all play an important role in creating a cozy vibe where you can forget your worries and relax. So go ahead — light those candles, put on some music, and fill up that tub. Let the romance begin!

Here at The Good Patch, we’re all about summoning those sweet, chill vibes. Whether taking a solo bath or one with a friend, our plant-powered patches will help soothe and relax you. After washing your worries away in the tub, simply peel and stick a patch onto your dry skin — trust us; you’ll thank us later!


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