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15 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

Flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates in a heart-shaped gift box are classic choices when it comes to romantic gift ideas, but they're more of a tradition than anything else. If...

Flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates in a heart-shaped gift box are classic choices when it comes to romantic gift ideas, but they're more of a tradition than anything else. If you're looking for the best Valentine's Day gifts that will leave your significant other breathless, forget the cliche flower bouquets and opt for something more exciting.

Here's a gift guide of some great Valentine's gifts that will make your sweetie feel extra special.

1. Customized Photo Book

For an unforgettable keepsake, create a custom photo book full of pictures of your relationship from start to finish. Pick out your favorite photos together, add captions or quotes about your best friend for Galentine’s or your long-term partner, and design them to reflect the unique bond between the two of you perfectly. 

Even if you and your partner are long-distance, this is sure to be an unforgettable DIY present that will bring warm memories for years to come. 

2. A Romantic Getaway

Surprise them with a weekend getaway for two at their favorite destination! Pack a bag and plan an adventure together — it could be anything from a night in Paris or cuddling under the stars in Yosemite National Park

Have fun exploring new places while creating lasting memories you can fondly look back on throughout the year. With a unique gift like that, you’ll be thinking about this Valentine’s day for years. 

3. Bouquet of Their Favorite Things

A bouquet of roses may be beautiful, but how about taking it up a notch with something personalized? Even better than flowers is a bouquet filled with their favorite things! 

Arrange it whichever way you like — maybe even use colors that match their style — and throw in whatever items they love most, such as their favorite Plant-Powered Patches, wine glasses, milk chocolate flowers, or pieces of clothing like cozy socks or scarves. 

4. A Pet Portrait

Give your animal-loving partner something extra special by getting them a custom pet portrait from an artist on Etsy or Instagram! They'll cherish their furry companion forever when they see their beloved pet in an adorable painting on the wall. 

5. All The Skincare by The Good Patch

Our latest sensation — skincare patches — is the result of combining self-care, wellness, and beauty. This Valentine’s day, show your loved one (or yourself) that skincare self-care is worth it.

We're talking plant-powered and dermatologist-vetted products and results that make you double-take in the mirror after just one use. This set is a mix of under-eye patches to fight against those pesky dark circles, microdart patches for when your skin needs some extra deep love, and more. We’re here for this kind of pampering!

6. Love Coupons

Create your own handmade customized book of love coupons filled with fun activities like movie nights, romantic dinners out (or in!), massages, and more. It's easy to do using cardstock paper, illustration pens, and markers — plus, it doesn't cost anything! 

Need some love coupon inspo? Here are a few awesome ideas:

  • You Win the Argument. Give your partner the gift of a "win" during an argument. Warning: this love coupon may seem like a wonderful idea when creating it — just be prepared for it not to feel as fun when your S.O. cashes it in.
  • Breakfast in Bed. Let the person you love most enjoy a relaxing breakfast in bed. 
  • Day of Compliments. Shower your bae in compliments — and lots of them.
  • 30-Minute Backrub. Give your valentine a coupon to redeem a full body rub down whenever they please. 
  • Clean the House. Allow your sweetie pie to relax as you take care of all the daily household chores. 

7. A Subscription Box

Another great way of surprising your loved one is by gifting them a subscription box filled with goodies such as snacks and drinks or beauty products and accessories, all curated around specific interests (think makeup, books, and wellness patches). 

It's like giving them a present every month without ever having to leave your home — the perfect solution if you want an ongoing reminder of how much you care about them throughout the year. 

8. Special Date Night In

Create an intimate dinner date experience right at home with all their favorite foods and drinks! Cook delicious dishes together (or order takeout!) and light candles for ambiance while you enjoy each other's company over conversation and music playing softly in the background. 

Follow this up with a comfy-cozy movie night. Pop some popcorn, throw on a romantic film, and get nice and cuddly on the couch. 

9. Self-Care Package

Show your loved one that you care about their well-being by putting together a little #SelfCare package! Fill it with luxurious bath products, nail polish, face masks, wellness patches, lotions, and other goodies that will help them relax on this special day.

10. A Night Out on the Town

For those not looking for something quite as traditional, why not surprise your significant other with an unexpected adventure? Whether tickets to a concert or play, a reservation at a chic restaurant, or a hotel staycation — having an experience together creates lasting memories that no material item could ever replicate. 

A night out on the town is sure to show how much you care in style! 

11. Tech Gadgets

If you have someone who loves tech gadgets, this is the perfect gift! From virtual reality headsets or drones to smartwatches and fitness trackers, there are plenty of options for all kinds of tech fans and I.T. nerds.

12. Gourmet Chocolates

Skip the boring ol' box of chocolates this year and step up your game with something gourmet. Look for special flavors and unique presentation ideas to make the experience more memorable. 

Some of our all-time favs include:

  • Truffles
  • Caramel Melts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Toffees

13. A Spa Day

Treat your significant other to some much-deserved relaxation with a spa day! Whether you book them time at a local spa or rally up a few products for them to use at home, this thoughtful gesture is guaranteed to melt away stress while giving them a day devoted entirely to pampering themselves from head-to-toe in luxurious comfort! 

Go above and beyond this V-Day — find bath bombs filled with essential oils, herbal teas designed specifically for relaxation, and even therapeutic massagers designed specifically for muscle tension relief. 

We also recommend our Relax Patch to help your S.O. wind down and decompress after a long day.

14. Plan an Experience

For those who prefer experiences over material things, consider giving them something they wouldn't normally do themselves — think cooking classes, wine-tasting tours, pottery workshops — anything that sparks joy within your sweetie and reflects their interests. 

A more heartfelt approach would be planning an intimate night out by candlelight at their favorite restaurant or treating them to tickets for a Broadway show. When it comes to experiences, the sky's the limit to what you can plan! 

15. The Good Patch Starter Set

Want to give your lover something that'll rock their world? Skip the flowers and opt for our Starter Set of Wellness Patches. Whether they're a patch newbie or not, these plant-based patches are sure to be a V-Day hit. 

In each set, you'll find our five best sellers:

  • B12 Awake — infused with caffeine, green tea, and vitamin B-12, this patch is the bee's knees for those early mornings and mid-afternoon slumps. 
  • Dream — infused with melatonin, hops, and valerian root, this patch is perfect for beauty rest, travel, or even just a good cat nap. 
  • Be Calm — infused with ashwagandha, passion flower, and other calming ingredients, this patch is great for self-care days when you need to unwind and decompress. 
  • Revive — infused with everything you need to bounce back after a night out, this patch is perfect for parties, vacations, and wild weekends. 
  • Nite Nite — infused with valerian root and melatonin, this snoozy patch will give you the quality shut-eye you've been craving. 

Simply peel, stick and let the good vibes roll. 

A Final Word

These are just some things to get you started, but the possibilities for Valentine’s Day gift ideas are endless! Rather than opting for flowers and a Valentine's day card this year, try out one of these top-notch ideas.

No matter what you choose, your partner will be sure to remember this thoughtful gesture for years to come. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


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