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35 Wellness Gifts for Life's Common Struggles

The winter can be hard, but gifts always make it just a bit easier! Come and see our top wellness gift picks to get over any bumps in the road.

As the holiday season is beginning to roll in, many of us are looking for gifts for friends, loved ones, and ourselves. We at The Good Patch put together a list of the best wellness gift ideas to promote a healthy and happy wintertime. 


Whether you or someone you know struggles to fall asleep, can’t find time to relax, or simply needs a mood booster, this gift guide acknowledges and provides remedies for our most common issues.

Gifts for Sleep

1. Luxury Sheet Set

Something about truly amazing sheets seals the deal for feeling as comfortable as can be in bed. A set of sheets fit for a king or queen (or full) is sure to be appreciated.

2. Silk Sleep Mask

An eye mask may be just the thing for those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. A silk sleep mask will block out bothersome light while being gentle on the eyes.

3. Silk Pillowcase

While we’re on the topic, a silk pillowcase is another great addition to nighttime well-being. The silk provides a cool surface to rest your head while doing its best to prevent bed-head in the morning.

4. Weighted Blanket

Often used for improving sleep quality or dampening stressful feelings, weighted blankets are an awesome present for the chillier months and the seasonal blues that sometimes join them.

5. Alarm Clock

Start the day on a good note with a more gentle approach to alarm clocks. Try a clock that imitates daylight to wake you up rather than the harshness of a phone alarm. If you know your friend or family member is a heavy sleeper, one that includes soft alarm sounds may be the best bet.

Gifts for Mental Health

6. Mindfulness Cards

Though an incredibly fruitful practice, knowing where to start with mindfulness can take time and effort. Give someone a soft push in the right direction with a deck of mindfulness exercises to guide their journey.

7. Daily Wellness Journal

Help them learn to appreciate the little things! Finding gratitude in everyday life is vital to good emotional well-being. Encourage them to exercise giving thanks consistently with a journal to reflect on their wellness and gratitude.

8. House Plant

For those who would like to have a living companion, but don’t have time for high-maintenance pets, try gifting them a plant. Succulents and other plants that require less water are the perfect gifts for a first-time plant person.

9. Sunlight Lamp

With the sun setting earlier and earlier, lamps that supplement daylight can help boost mood and energy when seasonal affective disorder starts to emerge. 

10. Meditation Cushion

Sometimes we need a little mental and physical support to try something new. A meditation cushion will work as an encouragement to practice and provide a comfortable place to do it.

Gifts for Physical Health and Fitness

11. Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is key! The recommended amount of water adults should drink daily is between 12 and 16 cups. Make it easy and sustainable to reach this goal by gifting a metal or BPA-free plastic water bottle.

12. Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga or pilates has many benefits for both physical and mental health — from improving strength and flexibility to lifting one’s mood. Yoga mats are a portable source of wellness to break out at any time of day.

13. Massage Gun

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. After a long run or session of weightlifting, an electric massage gun is a quick way to prevent next-day soreness.

14. Foam Roller

With the combination of holiday feasts and New Year’s resolutions, many of us are beginning to work out for the first time in a long time. Using a foam roller to work out knots and cramps may be just the thing to keep the habit going.

15. Air Purifier

As we transition to the toasty indoors during the wintertime, air purifiers keep the air in our homes cleaner and safer. They are great for anyone with allergies and may eliminate any nasty stuff in the air that could make us sick.

16. Skincare Set

Help someone feel revitalized! Find a skincare set that includes all essentials — a gentle face cleanser, nourishing moisturizer lotion, a gua sha or jade roller, and don’t forget the sunscreen! 

17. Lip Balm 

As the cold weather of winter arrives, we all know too well the feeling of dry, cracked lips. A lip balm stick or two or three is the perfect stocking stuffer to fight off chapped lips.

18. Resistance Bands

Rather than spending loads on a couple of dumbbells or kettle weights, give someone resistance bands, which are much more flexible (literally and figuratively). Allowing for a variety of workout styles, resistance bands are ideal for all levels of exercise.

19. Personal-Size Blender

The quintessential appliance for those in a bit of a hurry, a personal blender lets you quickly throw together your favorite smoothie ingredients and enjoy them straight away. 

20. Travel Pillow

Bus, train, and plane nappers will absolutely love a travel pillow. To help your friends avoid the pain of a stiff neck after catching some ZZZs on the go by offering support and comfort while they snooze.

21. Laptop Stand

Elevate the work-from-home experience with an adjustable laptop stand. Instead of being hunched over the computer all day, these stands allow you to find an ergonomic position that doesn’t leave you with pain in your back and neck later on.

22. Pickleball Set

Introduce someone to the ever-growing trend of pickleball. Excellent for folks of all ages, pickleball has become increasingly popular for finding a happy medium between tennis and ping pong.

23. Air Fryer

Get all the crispy, crunchy goodness of fried foods while maintaining healthiness! The recipes are truly endless.

24. Acupressure Mat

It’s no fun to have constant soreness or stiffness in your body, but an acupressure mat is an effective and useful way to relieve muscle pain.

Gifts for Relaxation

25. House Slippers

It’s a whole lot easier to get out of bed on a winter morning when you aren’t putting your bare feet on a freezing floor. Cozy toes are essential for a happy day ahead.

26. Bathrobe

The warmth of a hot shower or relaxing bath doesn’t need to end when you get out of the tub! A luxurious bathrobe is a calming addition to a lazy Sunday or a much-needed self-care day.

27. Comfy Sweatpants

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of sweatpants or leggings to lounge around the house? If you’re having trouble finding a great gift, it’s tough to miss the mark with these.

28. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to decompress after a long day. Essential oil diffusers are relaxing and keep your room smelling great; some even double as a humidifier.

29. Bath Bombs

Ease your friends’ bodies and minds with a colorful gift set of soothingly scented bath bombs!

30. Scented Candle

A yummy-smelling candle is often the self-care gift people don’t know they need until they get it. There’s nothing like a waft of smokey pine and sweet cinnamon to encapsulate the holidays and bring some peace to the fast pace of life.

31. Shower Steamers

Fill the shower with relaxing and delicious scents with a holiday gift box of trendy shower steamers. Similar to a bath bomb, these small but powerful bundles of scent provide much-needed aromatherapy.

32. Bathtub Tray

Add to the luxe of a long, hot soak in the bathtub with a tray to carry whatever you may use to relax — perhaps a cup of tea or your favorite book.

33. Incense Sticks

Anyone trying to find their zen will love the gift of incense. With a wide range of scents to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect one.

34. Throw Blanket

A warm, comforting blanket is the cherry on top when you are cozied up on the couch watching a movie or diving into a good book. 

35. The Good Patch Set

Last but certainly not least, give someone wearable wellness with a set from The Good Patch! For anyone new to the game, the Starter Set is a fantastic introduction to the power of plants. If they happen to be a Good Patch lover already, consider the Fan-Fave pack for all of their favorites.

In Conclusion

You can probably gather from our extensive list that wellness comes in many shapes and sizes! Encouraging yourself and those around you to practice self-care will mean something different to everyone, but by considering the struggles we all face, you now have a sense of where to start when searching for the perfect gift. 


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