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Women’s Equality Day

In honor of Women’s Equality Day we had a chat with our CEO, Cedar Carter, to delve into her thoughts and tips as a strong female leader. Here’s what she...

In honor of Women’s Equality Day we had a chat with our CEO, Cedar Carter, to delve into her thoughts and tips as a strong female leader. Here’s what she had to say:

As the CEO of a mostly female run company, how has women’s equality been integrated into your company’s core values and culture?

Two of our three founders are women, and the majority of our customer base are women, so women’s equality has always been more of a given than something we needed to work towards. It’s a breath of fresh air to be in an environment that feels equal from the start. All the leaders we have at the company, regardless of gender, are incredibly respectful, and that’s something that’s non-negotiable for us as we hire.

Women leaders often face expectations and stereotypes that can influence how they are perceived and evaluated. How do you navigate and challenge these stereotypes, both personally and in the workplace?

The same “strong” characteristics that make male leaders respected can often be perceived negatively in women because there is a long history of gender norms. In order for that to change we must both support current women leaders and help to raise the next generation up behind us. Personally, I try my best to challenge those stereotypes head on, and be confident in my path in order to make the journey for those behind me just a little bit easier. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with women of all types – mothers who work in the home and those like myself who work outside the home, women who have chosen not to have kids, women who are laser focused on their career, or somewhere in between. It’s important to value and understand all those different viewpoints, because your path is your path, and everyone should be able to choose the journey that is the most fulfilling for them.

What are some of the key challenges you’ve encountered on your journey to becoming female CEO, and how did you overcome them?
As I started to transition from a marketing role into more general management there were certainly doubts and speedbumps along the way. The proof is in the results. I was running a region for a global company, as their only female GM, and achieving results that out-performed other regions. It’s hard to argue with numbers and facts. As a female CEO you will likely deal with a little more BS along the way, but hey, we’re used to that, and we can handle it.

What advice would you give other women looking navigating the professional world?
Don’t give up, get those results, challenge the situations you know are not okay, and build your network along the way so you have a support system to help you navigate the bumpy parts. Don’t be afraid to have an (informed) opinion, and speak up about your results!


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