I wear these patches when I’m feeling...


Wearable wellness patches delivering a sustained release of ingredients up to 8-12 hours.

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Start with our five best sellers in this 20 patch bundle. The Starter Set lets you try a little bit of everything, and saves you 35%.

Starter Set - The Good Patch
Starter Set - The Good Patch

The Starter Set

20 Patches (4 of Each)

  • 8-12 Hour Release
  • Perfectly Discreet
  • Plant-powered Ingredients
  • Easy to apply when needed
  • Simply take off when you're done

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everyone’s talking...

"I absolutely love these patches. I've already tried dream, calm and B12 Awake. I have more energy during the day and better solid nights of sleep. Will definitely be adding these to my vitamin rotation."

-Jeanine R.

“I ordered the starter pack and I surely am glad I did. They are very good and do exactly what they say they will. Will be a return user for sure.”

-Sharmila B.

“I am so pleased I tried this out. I am very pleased with the patches I got and have an idea of what else I want to purchase from the company”

-Kadi P.

"I love these patches, I cannot wait to get more. I have been a lot more productive at works since I am getting better sleep. I also like using the Be Calm patch on Sunday's to get rid of those Sunday scaries. I have been recommending them to all of my friends and family members."

-Nicole Y.

"I ordered the starter set and have found the patches to be totally effective! I especially love the Be Calm patch but both the Be Awake and Nite Nite completely did their job. On top of the effectiveness, I found the customer service team at The Good Patch to be extremely helpful and friendly."

-Rachel R.