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The Good Patch x Tasya van Ree


feel good, do good

We care about our community- that’s why we partnered with local LA-artist, Tasya van Ree, to design a limited-edition B12 Awake patch supporting The Art of Elysium and the healing power of art. This Los Angeles-based nonprofit works with local artists to provide community art, music, and design programs that help individuals in the midst of difficult life challenges, from mental health issues to homelessness. 

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our non-profit partner

The Art of Elysium

The Art of Elysium understands the power of healing through art—better than anyone. And by providing creative-based programs in our local communities, they’re helping artists in the midst of difficult life challenges. From theater to music to fashion and design, the Art of Elysium shows that art can become a catalyst for social change.

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“At The Art of Elysium, our mission is to use art to heal, and empower artists and communities of need to join together, to emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art. The mission of The Good Patch is aligned in that they are also all about helping people feel good, one patch at a time. We are honored to have one of our volunteer artists, Tasya van Ree, design this limited-edition patch to unite both of our visions of improving the overall wellness and well-being of individuals in our community.”
– Jennifer Howell, Founder, The Art of Elysium

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behind the design

Tasya van Ree

"The SUN represents everything significant. It enriches and restores our time here in every way possible. It nurtures the body with the energetic flow of life force and has precise qualities to rejuvenate the mind, bringing light and importance to one’s daily life."
-Tasya van Ree, Artist