Make Every Morning
a Good Morning

Practicing a morning ritual is a great way to ensure you’re always feeling your best and living the good life. Enter now to win the Good Morning Ritual Giveaway—including many of our favorite morning wellness products as well as a few of our popular B12 Awake Patches. And get ready to love getting ready.

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The Good Morning Ritual:

Intelligent Change

Another great thing to add to your morning ritual is gratitude. Keeping a daily gratitude journal, like the Five Minute Journal from Intelligent Change, leads to not only an increased sense of wellbeing but also better sleep, a willingness to accept change, and lower symptoms of physical pain. As Intelligent Change puts it, writing a gratitude journal is like using a toothbrush, daily, for your mind. They suggest following their “cheat code”: [A specific thing you are grateful for] + [A genuine feeling in your body] = [Long term gratitude practice].


The simple act of lighting an incense and taking a few conscious breaths can make a huge difference in your overall mood and the energy you carry into the world each day. The beauty of scent is its ability to ground us in the present moment. That’s why we love burning Palo Santo from Woodlot as part of our morning ritual. The woodsy-citrus aroma purifies the air and lifts us up. We also love adding a few drops of Recharge Essential Oil into the shower. The oil diffuses in the steam, creating a spa-like feel. Give it a try.

Brush Naked

Brush Naked is all about sustainable living. They encourage you to practice the three R’s—reinforcing that the first R stands for reduce and that recycling should be a last resort for when you are no longer able to reduce or reuse. To support these efforts, Brush Naked has worked hard to make every part of their product biodegradable. So when it comes time to throwing your toothbrush away, you can do it without feeling a bit of guilt. By adding a Brush Naked bamboo toothbrush to your morning ritual, you’re adding to the sustainability of our world.


Colloidal silver is the base of all Purequosa products. It’s been used as an antibacterial and antimicrobial solution for thousands of years and is what enables Purequosa’s Pits + Privates natural deodorant sprays to target and neutralize odor-causing bacteria. All of Purequosa’s products—including their USDA-certified organic essential oils and moisturizing plant hydrosols—will leave you feeling fresh and uplifted from morning to night. Make a few spritzes of their sprays part of your morning ritual to keep the odors at bay all day long.


The human body is made up of 50-60% water, making proper hydration vital to protecting organs, carrying nutrients, lubricating joints, and regulating body temperature. While many of us choose to kick start our days with coffee, if we’re not hydrating first we might ironically be making ourselves more lethargic. Tonics are a great alternative for hydrating while picking up the benefits of other amazing superfoods like turmeric, beetroot, and matcha. Add superfood lattes from Blume to your morning ritual for more kick and less crash.

The Good Patch

A healthy morning ritual is not only important for keeping your mornings running smoothly, but it can also set the tone for the rest of your day. That’s why we start every morning with a B12 Awake Patch. Infused with B12, caffeine, and green tea extract, it’s one of our most popular patches for a reason. Add the B12 Awake Patch to your morning ritual—along with all of our favorite morning wellness products—and get every day started on the right track. By helping each other feel good, we all make life beautiful. Start living the good life.

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