Recovery Giveaway

This time of year there’s a lot of emphasis on being more active, but with more activity comes more sore muscles, and more need for recovery time. Now we aren’t workout experts here at the Good Patch nor do we claim to be, but we do know proper recovery is pretty important to your routine and well-being, which is why we have paired up with 2XU to offer the perfect recovery duo so you can recover fast, and continue on with those resolutions. 

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Recovery Giveaway:

Pain Relief

Our Pain patches combines 15mg premium hemp extract with Capsaicin and Menthol to provide temporary relief of mild to moderate discomfort in muscles and joints. Place the patch right on your sore muscle and let it work its magic! 


The Compression Socks for Recovery by 2XU offer powerful compression to help your muscles repair and recover following activity . The socks promote circulation through the lower limbs and improves venous return to alleviate tired and sore muscles. Padded zones across the heels and balls of the feet guarantee comfort for extended hours of wear.